Our restaurant is open from Sunday to Friday from 8 AM until 9 PM. Saturdays and national holidays from 8 AM until 10 PM. In our menu you will find a lot of different options of main dishes and lighter dishes, and our menu is presented in both English and Spanish. We believe strongly in preparing the meals in the moment we have the order, though it takes longer before it´s served. The portions of the main dishes have to be large enough so nobody has to leave the restaurant still hungry. A notable part of the main dishes are served with fresh salads which you can eat without risk as they are properly cleaned.

Our Menu

has a lot to offer you. We recommend first of all the many different dishes from the sea, but for you who simply don´t like sea food we have a lot of other alternatives. Influences in our big variety of dishes you´ll find from the Guatemalan and the International – specially the Chinese, Italian and Scandinavian – cousin, BUT always with our special touch! We don´t serve “industrial food” as we offer you for example homemade French Fries, mashed potatoes and black beans.

Vegetarian dishes & Salads

You have many different plates with vegetarian food, salads and soups to choose among in our menu.

Sea food

We offer you many different dishes with sea food.  Highly liked are our Fried fish, our Shark with its´ delicious sauce, the Fish fillet with herbs, the Spaghetti with shrimps, Shrimps with garlic, Tropical shrimps and Squid. And among our national guests our different “Ceviches” are one of our most popular dishes of sea food.


You´ll find different chicken dishes on our menu, and we can promise you that these are dishes you won´t find anywhere else.


Our meat menu includes dishes as Spaghetti Bolognesa, Meatballs - also spicy ones - Russian pork chop and Fried pork fillet in a red wine sauce.

Other options

If you still haven´t found anything of interest, we have quite many other options to offer you; all from “Cena Chapina” and “Pyttipanna” till Hamburgers with homemade French fries, Quesadillas and “Smorgas”…


You might like something sweet and in our Menu you´ll find different alternatives. You have for example some Guatemalan dishes and the big favorite among our foreign guests, the Flambée fruits with ice cream.

Breakfast included in our rates

There you have six different options, all served with oatmeal, orange juice and coffee or tea plus the “main dish”.

"Buen provecho" as we say in Guatemala!


Thank you so much for your hospitality + attention. Yours is a beautiful  and tranquil place that I completely enjoyed. The food was excellent and the company first-rate. It was a pleasure to be at such a warm + welcoming place. ¡Felicidades y mucho suerte!

Amanda (y Mariana) Petersen (USA)
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