• Do you have parking?

    Vi have space for one car per room = 17 cars. Please always park your car at a parking place with number, so other cars can leave without problems.

  • Prices at the restaurant?

    We have a very large menu with options for different tastes and ages. Main dishes from Q. 39.00 (USD 5.45) till Q. 170.00 (USD 23.60). You also find sandwiches, cheeseburgers, "Quesadillas" etcetera from Q. 18.00 (USD 2.50) till Q. 72.00 (USD 10.00)

  • Do the rooms have air conditioning?

    All our rooms have air conditioning.

  • Do you have WI-FI?

    In all the area you have high speed WiFi for your free use.

  • Do you have hot water?

    Sorry to disappoint you but we don´t offer you hot water. All year around it is so hot in Monte Rico that most of our guests agree that hot water is not needed.

  • Is there a television in the room?

    All our rooms have television. In seven of the rooms you have satellite conection (SKY) and in the other 10 rooms we offer the service of the local cable company.

  • Do you accept dogs?

    Dogs are accepted under certain conditions, as there are breeds we don´t accept and we also accept maximum one dog per night.

  • Do you have pools?

    We have three pools, one large enough to swim in, a smaller one where you even have a table at which you can drink and eat and one for the youngest kids.

  • When is it allowed to use the pools?

    The pools are open every day between 8 AM and 9 PM.

  • Do you have fresh water?

    Yes, we offer you fresh water both in the rooms and the pools.

  • Can we bring a cooler?

    Sorry, you can´t enter with coolers with beers, licor or meals. If you have a special diet, please let us know before so we can check if our kitchen can take care of your special needs. The same if you come with a baby and need to bring baby food. In these cases it´s allowed to bring your cooler and anyway, if you need to put something in our refrigerator we are happy to help you.


Thank you so much for your hospitality + attention. Yours is a beautiful  and tranquil place that I completely enjoyed. The food was excellent and the company first-rate. It was a pleasure to be at such a warm + welcoming place. ¡Felicidades y mucho suerte!

Amanda (y Mariana) Petersen (USA)
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